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Press release August 2005

The new Voice of HON

HON has recently signed an agreement with ReadSpeaker France to bring innovative "Voice-on-the-web" audio technology to the HON web site. The system will improve access for sight impaired and dyslexic users, language learners and anyone who prefers to listen rather than read.

"Accessibility is a priority for us" says Celia Boyer, Executive Director of HON. "Health-related web sites in particular need to reach out to disabled users."

A recent survey conducted jointly by HON and the EU-Enabled project showed that only one in three web publishers try to make their web sites or applications accessible, pointing out the need for greater awareness and training.

To listen to a HON web page, just click the ReadSpeaker icon located at the top of the page or adjacent to the text you wish to hear. ReadSpeaker uses audio software already installed on most personal computers to read text with state-of-the-art voice synthetization.

HON's multilingual web site includes pages in English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese, which are among the nine languages currently supported by ReadSpeaker.



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