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Health On the Net celebrates its 20th anniversary
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9 websites certified within the last 30 days by the HONcode Team:

Hypnosis by Harley Sears
This site provides information on the use of hypnosis as a complementary approach to common health issues. - USA | Certified since 11 Oct 2019 - Show the certificate

BMS Formation
Ce site s'adresse à des ostéopathes en exercice afin de leur proposer les deux formations continues professionnelles proposées par la société "BMS Formation". Ces form... - France | Certified since 10 Oct 2019 - Show the certificate

Virtua Salute
Virtua Salute is an italian language indipendent medical- scientific magazine. As such, it employs scientists and medical professionals, to whom it entrusts the truthfu... - Italy | Certified since 7 Oct 2019 - Show the certificate

The Femedic
This site provides trustworthy, supportive, and educational content about women's health. Our medical content is written and reviewed by doctors, while our editorial c... - United Kingdom | Certified since 4 Oct 2019 - Show the certificate

Granville Vance Public Health
This site provides general public health information and contact information for the county health department to residents of Granville and Vance counties of North Car... - USA | Certified since 2 Oct 2019 - Show the certificate

Este sitio da información actualizada sobre el glioblastoma. Describe los últimos tratamientos incluyendo ensayos clinicos y noticias relevantes. - Spain | Certified since 27 Sep 2019 - Show the certificate

Diese Website bietet - einen Überblick über die Angebote des Frauengesundheitszentrums mit Anmeldemöglichkeit - Informationen über Projekte und Kooperationen - evidenz... - Austria | Certified since 26 Sep 2019 - Show the certificate

Mom Loves Best
This site provides current and trustworthy news and information for pregnanct women, new mothers, and parents. - Malaysia | Certified since 25 Sep 2019 - Show the certificate

Hospital SOS Cárdio
O site do Hospital SOS Cárdio apresenta informações de caráter educativo sobre saúde, desde prevenção a diagnóstico e tratamentos. Nosso propósito é disseminar o conh... - Brazil | Certified since 22 Sep 2019 - Show the certificate





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