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Health On the Net celebrates its 20th anniversary
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11 websites certified within the last 30 days by the HONcode Team:

The Diabetes Times
The Diabetes Times is the UK's most engaged digital publisher for healthcare professionals working in diabetes. We are the primary news source for diabetes healthcare ... - United Kingdom | Certified since 20 Sep 2017 - Show the certificate

Periscope Group
Periscope Group provides support, education and direct connection to legal counsel for those that have been injured by an unsafe drug or device. - USA | Certified since 19 Sep 2017 - Show the certificate

Oncolo - Japan | Certified since 19 Sep 2017 - Show the certificate

Diabulimia Helpline
This site provides education, support, and advocacy for diabetics with eating disorders, and their loved ones. Their is one section for patients, one for family member... - USA | Certified since 19 Sep 2017 - Show the certificate

The purpose of this informational site is to help those that are looking to get medical insurance and don't have a clue about what is available. This would be for anyb... - USA | Certified since 19 Sep 2017 - Show the certificate

Ausmed is the ultimate online platform for health professionals to find, complete and manage their continued professional development. - Australia | Certified since 18 Sep 2017 - Show the certificate

Diese Informationsplattform möchte Ihnen anhand verschiedener Themen und Verlinkungen helfen neue Wege aufzuzeigen, wie Sie sich und Ihr Umfeld organisieren können, da... - Switzerland | Certified since 14 Sep 2017 - Show the certificate

Este sitio web dirigida al público en general, niños y adolescentes, adultos, mayores, familias, médicos, psicólogos y educadores, provee información respecto a profe... - Spain | Certified since 10 Sep 2017 - Show the certificate

Medicina personalizada Genómica
Blog de Farmacogenética y Medicina Personalizada Genómica del Dr. Sabater-Tobella. Espacio divulgativo en el que el Dr. Sabater-Tobella expone temas de interés relaciona... - Spain | Certified since 4 Sep 2017 - Show the certificate

Revista de Información Científica
La Revista de Información Científica es el órgano científico de divulgación oficial de la Universidad de Ciencias Médicas Guantánamo. Publica números seriados bimestralm... - Cuba | Certified since 1 Sep 2017 - Show the certificate

Son Pisa salut
Este blog es una herramienta de participación, dirigida a los usuarios de nuestro centro de salud con carácter totalmente informativo, destinado a promover actividades... - Spain | Certified since 31 Aug 2017 - Show the certificate





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