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Stroke May Not Mean Language Loss for Newborns (02/17/2018, HealthDay)
Researchers Probe Mystery of Illnesses in U.S. Cuba Embassy Personnel (02/15/2018, HealthDay)
Therapy Reverses Alzheimer's Brain Plaque Buildup -- in Mice (02/14/2018, HealthDay)
Therapy Helps Those With Autism Navigate Adulthood (02/13/2018, HealthDay)
No Proof At-Home 'Cranial Stimulation' Eases Depression (02/12/2018, HealthDay)
Head Injuries Hit 1 in 14 Kids, CDC Reports (02/09/2018, HealthDay)
Low Blood Sodium Tied to Impaired Thinking in Older Men (02/08/2018, HealthDay)
Babies With Normal Head Size Might Still Have Zika-Linked Brain Damage (02/05/2018, HealthDay)
Cellphones Pose Little Cancer Risk, Studies Suggest (02/05/2018, HealthDay)
Why It's Great to Learn a Second Language (02/02/2018, HealthDay)
Concussions Tied to Rise in Dementia Risk Decades Later (01/30/2018, HealthDay)
Can Brain Scans Reveal Who Your Friends Are? (01/30/2018, HealthDay)
Brain 'Pacemaker' Might Help Slow Alzheimer's (01/30/2018, HealthDay)
Memory Loss Hitting Some Fentanyl Abusers (01/29/2018, HealthDay)
Trusting a Stranger May Be a Case of Deja Vu (01/29/2018, HealthDay)
Positive Attitude Adds Up to Better Math Grades (01/29/2018, HealthDay)
Zika Tied to Rise in U.S. Birth Defects: CDC (01/25/2018, HealthDay)
Will Certain Foods Bolster Brain Health After Stroke? (01/25/2018, HealthDay)
Expanded Use of Clot-Removing Procedure Could Change Stroke Care (01/25/2018, HealthDay)
Keep Working to Protect Your Brain After a Mild Stroke (01/25/2018, HealthDay)
Former NFL Pros Push for End to Kids' Tackle Football (01/19/2018, HealthDay)
Concussion May Not Be Needed to Bring on CTE Brain Disease (01/18/2018, HealthDay)
Creativity May Rely on 'Teamwork' in the Brain (01/17/2018, HealthDay)
Brain Zaps May Help Curb Tics of Tourette Syndrome (01/16/2018, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Maintain Brain Health (01/11/2018, HealthDay)
Dolphins Beat Humans, Chimps at … (01/10/2018, HealthDay)
Getting Active Could Help Boost Memory, Experts Say (12/28/2017, HealthDay)
A Daily Walk: Smart Move for Seniors' Brain Health (12/27/2017, HealthDay)
High School Coaches, Players Know Little About Concussion (12/27/2017, HealthDay)
New Research Probes the Criminal Mind (12/26/2017, HealthDay)
Eat Your Greens . . . and Maybe Boost an Aging Brain (12/20/2017, HealthDay)
FDA Issues Tougher Warning on MRI Dye Tied to Brain Effects (12/19/2017, HealthDay)
Could an Electric Pulse to the Brain Recharge Your Memory? (12/19/2017, HealthDay)
Heroin Vaccine Blunts Drug's Effect in Animals (12/19/2017, HealthDay)
Mindfulness May Be Stress-Buster at Exam Time (12/19/2017, HealthDay)
There's Still No Proven Way to Prevent Alzheimer's (12/18/2017, HealthDay)
Dementia May Be More Common in Rural Areas (12/18/2017, HealthDay)
Zika Babies Facing Increasing Health Problems With Age (12/14/2017, HealthDay)
Teens Acting Badly? Smog Could Be to Blame (12/13/2017, HealthDay)
As Hearing Fades With Age, Dementia Risk May Rise (12/07/2017, HealthDay)
Boy's Double Hand Transplant Changed His Brain (12/06/2017, HealthDay)
Poetry Judged by the Picture It Paints (12/01/2017, HealthDay)
Lock Eyes With Your Baby, Synchronize Brain Waves? (12/01/2017, HealthDay)
Newborns in Pain Might Not Show It (11/30/2017, HealthDay)
Chuck Norris Says MRI Dye Harmed Wife's Brain, But Study Finds No Link (11/29/2017, HealthDay)
Does Marriage Help Preserve Your Brain? (11/29/2017, HealthDay)
Zika Nerve Damage May Stem From Body's Response to the Virus (11/27/2017, HealthDay)
Pot May Alter Brain Function of Some With HIV (11/27/2017, HealthDay)
The Booze You Choose Can Sway Your Mood (11/22/2017, HealthDay)
Sunrise, Sunset: Ancient Rhythms Still Dictate Human Life (11/21/2017, HealthDay)
Quickly Treating Mini-Stroke Can Cut Risk for Future Stroke (11/20/2017, HealthDay)
Could New 'Brain Training' Program Help Prevent Dementia? (11/17/2017, HealthDay)
Gulf War Illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Are Distinct Disorders: Study (11/17/2017, HealthDay)
Millions Could Miss Out on a Potential Alzheimer's Breakthrough (11/15/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Hearing Loss May Affect Brain Health (11/15/2017, HealthDay)
Sleep Apnea May Boost Alzheimer's Risk (11/10/2017, HealthDay)
Your Friends May Be Key to a Healthy Aging Brain (11/08/2017, HealthDay)
Do I Know Ewe? (11/08/2017, HealthDay)
An Aging Heart May Weaken Memory (11/08/2017, HealthDay)
Brain Beats Brawn in Quest for Energy (11/08/2017, HealthDay)
West Nile's Long-Term Bite: Impact on Brain May Last Years (11/07/2017, HealthDay)
Here's Why You 'Space Out' After Too Little Sleep (11/07/2017, HealthDay)
Human vs. Animal Brainpower: More Alike Than You Might Think (11/06/2017, HealthDay)
Resilient Brain Connections May Help Against Alzheimer's (11/02/2017, HealthDay)
Long Spaceflights Could Put Pressure on the Brain (11/01/2017, HealthDay)
Brain Scans May Have Spotted People Thinking About Suicide (10/31/2017, HealthDay)
Helmets Too Rarely Used in Baseball and Softball (10/31/2017, HealthDay)
Hockey Study Suggests Injured Kids Sent Back on the Ice Too Soon (10/25/2017, HealthDay)
Clues to How You Hear in a Crowd (10/17/2017, HealthDay)
Dance Your Way to a Healthier Aging Brain (10/12/2017, HealthDay)
Sesame Street's Muppets to Help Kids Cope With Trauma (10/06/2017, HealthDay)
Does a Drug's High Price Tag Cause Its Own Side Effects? (10/05/2017, HealthDay)
Antibody Injections in Pregnancy Might Shield Fetus From Zika (10/04/2017, HealthDay)
Bilingual Kids Learn New Languages Better (10/02/2017, HealthDay)
Failing Sense of Smell Tied to Dementia Risk (09/29/2017, HealthDay)
A More Accurate Predictor for Alzheimer's? (09/29/2017, HealthDay)
Brain Disconnects Spotted in Parkinson's Patients With Visual Hallucinations (09/28/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Exercise Boosts Brain Metabolism (09/27/2017, HealthDay)
Scientists Spot Marker for CTE in Living Football Players (09/26/2017, HealthDay)
20 Percent of U.S. Teens May Have Had a Concussion (09/26/2017, HealthDay)
Nerve Stimulation Pulls Patient From 15-Year Vegetative State (09/25/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Healthy Brain Suggestions (09/25/2017, HealthDay)
Youth Football Ups Odds of Brain Problems in Adulthood (09/19/2017, HealthDay)
Vision Problems Common in Babies Infected With Zika (09/14/2017, HealthDay)
Heath Tip: Myths About the Aging Brain (09/11/2017, HealthDay)
Football Fans Still Loyal Despite Concerns About Players' Brains (09/10/2017, HealthDay)
Magnetic Brain Stimulation May Quiet 'Voices' in Schizophrenia (09/07/2017, HealthDay)
Remember This: A Healthy Body Keeps the Mind Sharp, Too (09/07/2017, HealthDay)
Why Your Nose May Be Key to Parkinson's Risk (09/06/2017, HealthDay)
Mom-to-Be's Cellphone May Not Harm Fetal Brain (09/05/2017, HealthDay)
Does General Anesthesia Affect Babies' Brains? (09/01/2017, HealthDay)
New Clues to Why Yawns Are Contagious (08/31/2017, HealthDay)
Eating Feeds 'Feel Good' Hormones in the Brain (08/31/2017, HealthDay)
Brain Scans Offer Clues to Why Some Teens Pile on Pounds (08/31/2017, HealthDay)
Awake for Aneurysm Brain Surgery, Better Results? (08/24/2017, HealthDay)
More Evidence Contact Sports Can Affect the Brain (08/22/2017, HealthDay)
Pricey Wines Can Trick Your Brain (08/16/2017, HealthDay)
Zika Virus Tied to Neurological Woes in Adults (08/14/2017, HealthDay)
Researchers ID Genes in Mice That Cause Aggressive Brain Cancer (08/14/2017, HealthDay)
Number of Americans With Epilepsy at Record Level (08/10/2017, HealthDay)
For Cancer Patients in the ER, Delirium Linked to Poor Outcomes (08/09/2017, HealthDay)
Yoga May Boost Aging Brains (08/09/2017, HealthDay)
Can Scans Predict Some Autism Cases? (08/08/2017, HealthDay)
Low Blood Sugar in Newborns Tied to Brain Problems Later (08/08/2017, HealthDay)
Study Tests Sound Waves to Monitor Pressure Inside the Skull (08/08/2017, HealthDay)
Midlife Behaviors May Affect Your Dementia Risk (08/07/2017, HealthDay)
Can Video Game Playing Cost You Gray Matter? (08/07/2017, HealthDay)
Childhood Cancer Radiation May Cause Unwanted Gene Mutation in Some (08/04/2017, HealthDay)
Resistance Training May Slow MS, Study Says (08/04/2017, HealthDay)
Combined MRI Might Help Predict Brain Damage in Boxers (08/02/2017, HealthDay)
Know the Signs of Concussion (08/02/2017, HealthDay)
Need to Calm Down? Try Talking to Yourself (08/01/2017, HealthDay)
Moving From 'Stroke Belt' Doesn't Undo Higher Dementia Risk (07/31/2017, HealthDay)
Genetic Testing Can Help Pinpoint Epilepsy Earlier (07/31/2017, HealthDay)
How Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Wears Patients Out (07/27/2017, HealthDay)
In Mice, Brain Cells Discovered That Might Control Aging (07/26/2017, HealthDay)
Noninvasive Brain Test May Pinpoint Type of Dementia (07/26/2017, HealthDay)
Teaching an Old Brain New Tricks (07/26/2017, HealthDay)
Nearly All Autopsied NFL Players Show Trauma-Linked Brain Disease (07/25/2017, HealthDay)
The Scoop on Avoiding 'Brain Freeze' (07/22/2017, HealthDay)
Can Dirty Diapers Offer Clues to the Infant Brain? (07/21/2017, HealthDay)
Oxygen Therapy Revives Brain of Toddler Who Nearly Drowned (07/20/2017, HealthDay)
Senator McCain Faces a Tough Cancer Foe (07/20/2017, HealthDay)
Scans May Show Consciousness in 'Comatose' Patients (07/20/2017, HealthDay)
Healthy Heart in 20s, Better Brain in 40s? (07/19/2017, HealthDay)
Can Poor Sleep Boost Odds for Alzheimer's? (07/18/2017, HealthDay)
McCain's Recovery Time After Surgery Uncertain, Experts Say (07/17/2017, HealthDay)
Can Daily Crossword Protect You From Dementia? (07/17/2017, HealthDay)
White Collar Workers at Higher Odds of Death From ALS, Parkinson's (07/13/2017, HealthDay)
Boxers, MMA Fighters May Face Long-Term Harm to Brain: Study (07/13/2017, HealthDay)
Genes May Explain Why Kids With Autism Avoid Eye Contact (07/13/2017, HealthDay)
Experimental Vaccines Might Shield Fetus From Zika (07/13/2017, HealthDay)
PTSD After Head Injury May Signal Brain Changes (07/13/2017, HealthDay)
Early Parkinson's May Prompt Vision Problems (07/11/2017, HealthDay)
Lumosity Brain-Training Didn't Boost Thinking Skills: Study (07/10/2017, HealthDay)
How Poor Sleep Might Raise Odds for Alzheimer's (07/10/2017, HealthDay)
Severe Head Injury May Raise Dementia Risk Years Later (07/05/2017, HealthDay)
No Such Thing as Menstrual Memory Fog (07/05/2017, HealthDay)
Why People With Autism Avoid Eye Contact (06/30/2017, HealthDay)
Could a High IQ Mean a Longer Life? (06/29/2017, HealthDay)
Slowed Walking, Shrinking Brain? (06/29/2017, HealthDay)
Popular Heartburn Meds Don't Raise Alzheimer's Risk: Study (06/28/2017, HealthDay)
Force, Frequency of Head Hits Jump as Young Football Players Get Older (06/27/2017, HealthDay)
OCD May Be Linked to Inflammation in the Brain: Study (06/22/2017, HealthDay)
Head Position May Not Affect Outcome After Stroke (06/21/2017, HealthDay)
Childhood Chemo May Have Lasting Effects on Memory (06/20/2017, HealthDay)
Many Chronic Illnesses Linked to Suicide Risk (06/20/2017, HealthDay)
Severe Headaches Plague Vets With Traumatic Brain Injuries (06/20/2017, HealthDay)
Sticky Brain 'Plaques' Implicated in Alzheimer's Again (06/13/2017, HealthDay)
Could Your Breakfast Cloud Your Judgment? (06/12/2017, HealthDay)
Even Moderate Drinking May Dull the Aging Brain (06/06/2017, HealthDay)
Why Teen Mental Ability Surges While Brain Shrinks (06/06/2017, HealthDay)
What You Need to Know About Antidepressants (06/02/2017, HealthDay)
MS-Related Brain Changes May Affect Social Skills (06/01/2017, HealthDay)
Can People 'Sniff' Out Illness in Others? (05/30/2017, HealthDay)
Bystander CPR Helps Save Brain Function After Near-Drowning (05/26/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Exercise Your Brain Every Day (05/26/2017, HealthDay)
Women Aren't Better at Reading People's Faces After All (05/19/2017, HealthDay)
Brain Scans Spot Where Fear and Anxiety Live (05/18/2017, HealthDay)
Black, Hispanic Americans Less Likely to See a Neurologist (05/17/2017, HealthDay)
Study Looks at Parkinson's Effect on Life Span (05/15/2017, HealthDay)
Body Cooling May Help Brain After Cardiac Arrest (05/10/2017, HealthDay)
What Harms the Young Heart Also Hurts the Brain Later (05/10/2017, HealthDay)
Do You Overeat? Your Brain Wiring May Be Why (05/09/2017, HealthDay)
Bystander CPR Not Only Saves Lives, It Lessens Disability: Study (05/04/2017, HealthDay)
Gene Mutation May Speed Alzheimer's Decline (05/03/2017, HealthDay)
'Silent' Seizures Tied to Alzheimer's Symptoms (05/02/2017, HealthDay)
Psychiatric Scars of Wartime Brain Injury May Linger for Years (05/01/2017, HealthDay)
'Brain Age' May Help Predict When You'll Die (04/27/2017, HealthDay)
Science Uncovers a True Meeting of the Minds (04/27/2017, HealthDay)
Walk Your Way to Better Brain Health? (04/24/2017, HealthDay)
Could a Zap to the Brain Jog Failing Memory? (04/20/2017, HealthDay)
When Oxygen Runs Low, the Naked Mole-Rat Finds a Way (04/20/2017, HealthDay)
Brain May Be Organized by Functions, Not Body Parts (04/20/2017, HealthDay)
Body Temperature Might Give Clues to Coma (04/19/2017, HealthDay)
A 'Brainwave' to Help Fight PTSD (04/19/2017, HealthDay)
Seniors' Brain Changes Could Make Them Vulnerable to Scams (04/13/2017, HealthDay)
Deep Brain Stimulation May Ease Tourette 'Tics' (04/11/2017, HealthDay)
A Healthy Middle-Aged Heart May Protect Your Brain Later (04/11/2017, HealthDay)
Good Sleep Does Get Tougher With Age (04/05/2017, HealthDay)
What's the 'SuperAgers' Mental Secret? (04/04/2017, HealthDay)
Drug Tied to Dementia Risk Overprescribed to Seniors: Study (03/30/2017, HealthDay)
Parents' Pot Use a Tricky Topic When It Comes to Their Kids (03/29/2017, HealthDay)
Brain 'Rewires' to Work Around Early-Life Blindness (03/22/2017, HealthDay)
'Heads Up' Football Program Tackles Concussion Danger in Kids (03/22/2017, HealthDay)
Vitamin E, Selenium Supplements Won't Curb Men's Dementia Risk (03/20/2017, HealthDay)
For 'Preemies,' Human Touch May Be a Brain Booster (03/16/2017, HealthDay)
Why Some Kids Take Longer to Recover From Brain Injury (03/15/2017, HealthDay)
Dizzy Spells in Middle-Age Tied to Dementia Risk Later (03/10/2017, HealthDay)
Controversial MS Treatment Seems Ineffective (03/08/2017, HealthDay)
Study Casts Doubt on a Brain Cancer's Link to Herpes (03/07/2017, HealthDay)
Brain Training for Cancer Survivors' Nerve Damage (03/03/2017, HealthDay)
Your Brain Loves Poets, But May Not Know It (03/03/2017, HealthDay)
Wireless Arm Patch May Blunt Migraine Pain (03/01/2017, HealthDay)
Nerve 'Zap' Treatment May Speed Stroke Recovery (03/01/2017, HealthDay)
Concussions More Likely in Female Athletes (02/28/2017, HealthDay)
Study Tracks Bleeding Risk From Common Blood Thinners (02/28/2017, HealthDay)
More Evidence Ties Gum Health to Stroke Risk (02/23/2017, HealthDay)
For Stroke Survivors, Exercise Is Good for the Brain: Review (02/22/2017, HealthDay)
Head Position Just After Stroke Doesn't Affect Recovery: Study (02/22/2017, HealthDay)
Brain Chip Helps Paralyzed 'Type' With Their Mind (02/21/2017, HealthDay)

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