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Gynaecologic Tests: Function

The table below contains information on some tests of bodily function used in the evaluation and diagnosis of disorders of the female reproductive system as well as during pregnancy. For information on other types of test used in ths are, click here .  

Function Tests
Test Use
Basal body temperature To detect ovulation in infertility evaluation.
Cystometry To evaluate bladder function.
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone
(GnRH) stimulation test
To differentiate hypothalamic from pituitary dysfunction in amenorrhea .
Postcoital test
(Huhner test)
In cases of infertility, to determine the quality of cervical mucus and the penetrability of mucus by sperm, and to screen for anti-sperm antibodies.
A day or two prior to ovulation, the couple has intercourse at a pre-designated time, and the woman then goes to the doctor's office within two to eight hours. A pelvic examination is done, and a sample of cervical mucus (presumably containing sperm) is removed and examined under a microscope.

Source: The Yale University School of Medicine Patient's Guide to Medical Tests, Barry L. Zaret M.D., Senior Editor, published by Houghton Mifflin. Online: common_procedures/doppler_ultrasound.html

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