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10 Dec 2019

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Executive Leadership

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The health news displayed on this site are chosen by our team of M.D.s, PhDs, and ICAN® President and CEO, who is an Affiliate Member of ASCO, the American Society of Clinical Oncology; AMP, the Association for Molecular Pathology; and AACR, the American Association for Cancer Research. Information contained herein is therefore not intended to substitute for or supersede any advice that a patient receives from his/her health professional and is not intended to compromise in any way the patient-physician relationship. ICAN® strongly believes that all medical decisions need to be made, via shared decision-making, by the patient and his/her medical team.

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ICAN - Privacy Practices

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The data displayed correspond to only one of the selected samples.


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14 How medical testing has turned millions of us into … human guinea pigs, TIME, April 2002 15 Transforming for tomorrow: preparing incumbents for digital disruption, PA, August 2019 16 Recognising research: how research improves patient care, Royal College of Physicians, May 2018 17 NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) 19850003213: applications of aerospace technology in biology and medicine, NASA archive, April 1982

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