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Medical content is generated or reviewed by qualified members of the board of directors. Board members sign conflict of interest document annually; at this time none of these individuals have any conflicts of interest. In addition, it is against our editorial policy to print or post any material that promotes or endorses any medication, product, or facility.
The board of directors decides what content should be placed on the page, but I am the one that actually brings it to them. All content must fall within the mission of the American Chronic Pain Association. We review content on the page monthly (but as you know there is so much that it is difficult to catch everything. We just initiated a Member Advisory Committee and one of their charges it to review our web page as well. )
Content is approved for posting by the executive director and other staff and board members, as appropriate for the topic in question. Decisions are based on these principles: all content must support the mission of the American Chronic Pain Association; content must be relevant to and useful for people living with chronic pain; and content cannot endorse or promote any specific medication, product, or facility.

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The contents of our website and communications are provided for informational purposes only and as a benefit and service in furtherance of the ACPA’s mission. This information should not be used as a substitute for necessary consultations with a qualified health care professional to meet your individual needs. Always consult a medically trained professional with questions and concerns you have regarding your medical condition. No patient-physician or patient-nurse relationship is intended to be created by ACPA making this information available to you.

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Currently we are using Google Analytics to analyze the audience of the website and improve our content. No personal information is collected from Google Analytics. For further information on the privacy policy concerning Google Analytics, please go here,

Privacy Policy
ACPA is committed to protecting the privacy of its website users. We occasionally request that you provide personal information, such as your name, address, email address, telephone number, and other information from which your identity can be discerned. ACPA does not rent, sell, lend, or give personally identifiable information collected from you on its web site to marketers or other parties. We may disclose personal information in response to a subpoena or when we believe in good faith that the law requires. We do record how often various pages are visited to help us improve our content and better serve people with an interest in chronic pain. Our On-Line Catalog is hosted by Yahoo! Store and is governed by the Yahoo! Privacy Policy. Please see the Yahoo! Privacy Policy for more information about privacy when ordering on line.
We take your privacy very seriously. We do not sell any contact information of any of our users, at any time. Any data that we may collect is kept private and only used for internal information purposes, and only the ACPA administrators can access any user data.

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Last Updated: 11/2/2016

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Information balanced , with references

Basically, biofeedback is a way to learn helpful skills. Ideally these skills allow people with pain to become actively involved in their own treatment. While biofeedback may be helpful, it is important to know that it requires special technology. As a result, it can be costly. Depending on which skills you and your care provider think you need there may be less expensive ways of learning the same thing.

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PO Box 850
Rocklin, CA 95677
Phone: 1-800-533-3231
Fax: (916)652-8190

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Development of this new ACPA web site was made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Medtronic Foundation and Purdue Pharma.
Medtronic Foundation and Purdue have no influence on the editorial content of the site. Ongoing funding also comes from memberships/donations from a range of individual contributors.

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Board members sign conflict of interest document annually; at this time none of these individuals have any conflicts of interest.

The ACPA does not accept or host any advertising of any type from any organization, corporation or individual.

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