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I am a registered dietitian in the United States, United Kingdom and France. I have a Master's degree in Human Nutrition and Exercise and Sports Science from Colorado State University.

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The views in this blog are my personal views and my intention is to do no harm. The content of this blog should never be taken as substitute for medical advice.

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BrightonYourHealth respects the privacy of users of this site. We will never rent, sell or share your personal information. There are cases where BrightonYourHealth may ask you for personal information such as your e-mail address. We do this when you register for services that require registration or subscription. If you choose to provide personal information, as in an e-mail on our contact page or by filling out a form to subscribe to our newsletter and updates, that information is only used to respond to your message and to send you BrightonYourHealth newsletter and updates. The information you provide is never given to any private organizations. BrightonYourHealth does not collect information for commercial marketing. If through our correspondence through the website any health data is collected by BrightonYourHealth that you submit voluntarily, the data shall be processed in accordance with the legal requirements on privacy protection in relation to health and personal information that apply in Europe (Regulation 45/2001), where BrightonYourHealth is located. In addition, site users have the right to consult their personal data and verify that they are accurate.

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chronomodulated chemotherapy is a treatment where cancer drugs are administered at the specific time when cancer cells divide, and are more vulnerable to cell death, and when healthy cells are at rest, and least sensitive to toxicity from chemotherapy. (Kenneth Block, MD, a doctor who uses chrono-chemotherapy in the United States)

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Contact mbrighton at Post Modified on March 26, 2013
***note -there is an automatic software that will add the date that each page and article is posted and updated ***

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Chronomodulated Chemotherapy efficacy and current research
This alternative way to administer chemotherapy for cancer is little known outside of Europe. I am aware of only one cancer center in the United States that uses chronomodulated chemotherapy. The cancer center is run by Dr. William Block, who brought this therapy over from Europe to the United States in the 1990′s. Here is an excerpt from an interview,
sleep and activity cycles along with the timing of drug infusions were all clock dependent. The extensive research that demonstrated decreased toxicity and improved survival with the use of chronotherapy.
If you would like to read the full interview, read it here: What is chronomodulated chemotherapy and who should consider this approach to treatment?
Another informative article can be read here: Chronobiology and Chronotherapy
Two articles in French about Dr. Levi's methods on chronotherapie:
Chronotherapie: Soignez-vous a l'heure juste
Conclusions from a meta-analysis showing benefits of chrono-chemotherapy versus conventional chemotherapy.

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Contact Mary Brighton
Thanks in advance for your question or feedback!
You can contact me at:

or thru one of your favorite social media sites. I am on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

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Advertising Policy
At BrightonYourHealth our mission is to provide reliable health information to the public. To keep the website in operation we accept advertising and sponsorship under certain guidelines. Our website hosts affiliate ads and links. Advertisement that is incompatible with our manifesto will not be accepted. BrightonYourHealth will not accept advertising that, in our opinion, is not factually accurate and in good taste. No advertisements related to the following will be accepted: tobacco products, firearms, pornography, sweepstakes, gambling or religion.
BrightonYourHealth recognizes the separation between advertising content and editorial content. While some advertising content is within editorial content, this is to help readers procure products that BrightonYourHealth believes benefits their health. The products are labeled in the editorial content as being part of buying from outside sources. Any direct advertising that is not affiliate links or banners will be labeled as such.

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