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The website is fully authored by Dr Richard Beatty, who is formally qualified in no scalpel vasectomy (Accredited in Local Anaesthetic Vasectomy by FSRH.org) & a Specialist General Practioner (BM, FRACGP, MRCP).

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Dr Beatty
Last Reviewed / Modified: 13/3/2018
First Published: 5/2/2015

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Dr Beatty
Last Reviewed / Modified: 13/3/2018
First Published: 5/2/2015

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Vasectomy has the lowest failure rate of any form of contraception with a failure¹ rate of less than 1%. Rarely, the vas deferens (tube) does re-join (recanalisation). The risk of recanalisation is highest in the first three months of the procedure. This highlights the importance of doing the post vasectomy semen test to get the all-clear.
Late Failure refers to a pregnancy after getting the all clear from the post vasectomy sample. Thankfully, this is rare at less than 1 in 2,000.
Get the post vasectomy semen test done, and in the unlikely event of a failure then something can be done about it.
Vasectomy can, like any medical procedure, have side effects. These risks are small and are minimised with No Scalpel Vasectomy. Vasectomy is widely regarded as the best form of permanent contraception.
Bleeding. Some men get a little pin-point bleeding from the skin where the small hole was made. Bleeding can be stopped by pinching the skin together firmly for 15 minutes. Bleeding can occur in the scrotum sufficient to lead to scrotal pain and swelling. This is called a “haematoma” and occurs in 1 to 2% of patients.¹ Usually a haematoma will go away on its own. A large haematoma can take months to resolve.
It’s important to reduce strenuous activity after the procedure to reduce the risk of haematoma.
Infection. The rate of an infection is 1-2% of cases.¹
Pain. The Local Anaesthetic can be a bit uncomfortable for a few seconds. The initial anaesthetic is mixed with bicarbonate to reduce the acidity and is inserted with an ultrafine hypodermic needle just under the skin. An ultrafine needle helps.
Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome is defined as discomfort that is present at 3 months, and is sufficient to interfere with quality of life. This occurs in around 1-2% of men. Only a small number will require a further procedure. Approximately 1 in 1000 of men who have had a vasectomy will have another operation for the post vasectomy pain although getting precise figures is difficult ¹.
There was some media concern in 2013 that Vasectomy may slightly increase the risk of prostate cancer. The American Association of Urology have provided a reassuring statement in 2014 following a detailed analysis. They state that “vasectomy is not a risk factor for prostate cancer or for high grade prostate cancer. It is not necessary for physiciawww.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4958361/ns to routinely discuss prostate cancer in their preoperative counseling of vasectomy patients.”
There is further strong reassurance about vasectomy and prostate cancer in a Urology journal. The article was published in 2016 and is called “Vasectomy and prostate cancer risk: a historical synopsis of undulating false causality.”
Even a guy who is sure he wants a vasectomy may change his mind afterwards. This is an area of concern to The Vasectomy Doctor. Vasectomy may be reversed but this may not work, and will be expensive.
Therefore, Dr Beatty will actively search for signs that you are completely ready for permanent contraception, and will ask you to come back on another day if you are not entirely certain of your decision.
Naturally, it makes sense to book an initial consultation when you harbour doubts. However, life isn’t always like that. The pre-operative counselling process is designed to uncover doubts you may not be aware of. Indeed, the doctor will say that “there is no rush at all to get it done today, and it is better to back when you are completely sure of your decision.” Six months is a good timeframe to consider the issues further and you will probably know by then whether vasectomy is right for you.

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The site is 100% funded by Dr Richard Beatty. There is no commercial link to any of the treatments mentioned except for vasectomy provided by Dr Richard Beatty.

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