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Health On the Net celebrates its 20th anniversary
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7 websites re-evaluated within the last 30 days by the HONcode Team:

UpToDate is a clinical decision support system that helps clinicians throughout the world provide the best patient care. The site uses current evidence to answer clinica... | Annual evaluation on 20 Jan 2018 - Initial review in 2011 - Show the certificate

Addiction Center
This site provides information regarding drug and alcohol addiction as well as posts objective reviews of ethical treatment centers. It was founded by addicts and digi... | Annual evaluation on 17 Jan 2018 - Initial review in 2015 - Show the certificate

Quackwatch is a guide to health fraud, quackery and intelligent decisionmaking.
A collection of documents describes the quackery (in all its form) and answer to alm... | Annual evaluation on 17 Jan 2018 - Initial review in 1997 - Show the certificate

Center for Cancer Quality Assurance and Professional Education (QAPE)
The QAPE website is a resource for health professionals involved in the early detection and diagnosis of breast and cervical cancer. Visitors will find professional educ... | Annual evaluation on 15 Jan 2018 - Initial review in 2003 - Show the certificate

Body Implants was created to help consumers find out more detailed information about Butt Implants, Calf Implants, Pec Implants, Breast Implants, and Bicep/Tricep I... | Annual evaluation on 10 Jan 2018 - Initial review in 2007 - Show the certificate

Health Organization for Pudendal Education
This site is an international non-profit tax exempt organization that provides support and education to patients with a rare disease known as pudendal neuralgia. The ... | Annual evaluation on 9 Jan 2018 - Initial review in 2014 - Show the certificate

Michigan eLibrary (MeL)
This web site is a library of resources. It contains information to paid databases with hundreds of thousands of articles not available for free on the Web (men's hea... | Annual evaluation on 2 Jan 2018 - Initial review in 1997 - Show the certificate




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