Recent Updates regarding the HONCode

Here, you will find information about the recent updates related to the HONcode Certification process. 

In the case that the certified websites are required to implement new modifications relative to these updates, the webmasters will have a reasonable period of time to do it. In addition, during the audit following the announced modification(s) the HONcode Team will check the website's compliance to the modification(s) and, if necessary, will explain how to implement the necessary modification(s).

The updates will also be announced in the HON Newsletter.

HON Commitment
In line with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we have updated our privacy policy and initiated necessary changes such as the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and a specific email address for any questions you may have about data protection to fully ensure that our sites comply with these regulations.

Your engagement
In connection with this, we bring to your attention the fact that your site must comply with this regulation in order to be certified.

 - Reform of EU data protection rules 2018 :
 - Swiss link:
 - French link:

The HON Foundation has a policy of not certifying sites offering online trade in medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and food.
Indeed, we are currently unable to evaluate all the parameters related to online sales (sales, receipt, after-sales service, quality and product conformity).

Nevertheless, your opinion is essential and could help us frame this type of services in the future. To help us, you can complete this survey.

Https certificates are required to ensure secure access to websites.
During the certification process, our reviewers therefore ensure that your site meets this criterion, with respect to Principle 3 (Confidentiality). 

If your site does not yet have an https certificate, we advise you to contact your host and update your security certificate.

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