HONcode certification also applies to social networks!

Do you have a social network linked to your health site? Apply for certification and inspire confidence among your users.

On the certification platform, you can request certification for your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube page.

The fees for this certification are the same as for websites, to be found here.

Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions on this subject.

In order to guarantee secure access to websites, https security certificates are required.

During the certification and re-certification process, our auditors, therefore, ensure that your site meets this criterion in relation to Principle 3 - Confidentiality.

If your site does not yet have an https certificate, we, therefore, ask you to contact your hosting provider and update your security certificate, otherwise, the HONcode certification of your site will not be renewed.

Free security certification update solutions exist, you can get more information from your web host.


Sites no longer falling within the HONcode perimeter, which we have chosen not to continue to certify, now display the INVALID seal.

Indeed, for various reasons (e.g. a site that has evolved too much since its last certification, a site that no longer meets the HONcode criteria) this site is no longer HONcode certified, and we felt it was essential that this be clearly displayed on the site, for more transparency.

We have just created a new HONcode seal, for more transparency towards Internet users.

The OUTDATED seal has been automatically applied to all sites that have not been re-certified for 2 years or more.

Thus, by consulting these sites, the user will know directly that they have not been re-certified and that it is, therefore, likely that they potentially no longer respect the 8 principles of the HONcode.

If your site is concerned, our team is at your disposal for the renewal of your certification.

In order to comply with Principle 7, all means of financing the site or application must be clearly stated. 

In addition, it must be indicated on the site or application whether or not the authors of the content are health professionals and/or have links of interest with health products and cosmetics companies.

This part of the principle being a little complex, but nevertheless essential, you will find the necessary information in this article.

As legislation varies from country to country, we focused mainly on France, Switzerland, Belgium and the United States.